Rave Reviews!

Previews Begin April 6


  • An important, cunning, rock-solid musical comedy with a terrible title. - NY Times

  • Hamilton may have the hype, but it's not the only show in town to leave you in astonishment... Baghdaddy has bad-ass style with a bad-ass cast that pulls off one of the most bad-ass musicals I've seen in a very long time. - Manhattan Digest

  • A hilarious, creative, clever, inspiring, fresh breath of air with a score that I would buy right now if I could. The show is as terrific as, dare I say it, Hamilton." - Times Square Chronicles

  • A whip smart musical comedy that’s sure to leave you laughing and thinking for days. Pailet and Penedo make this work is nothing short of brilliant, they harness musical comedy in an intelligent, creative, and witty way that makes this shocking, true story, palatable. This is not only impressive, it is deeply important. - Theater is Easy

  • Leaves the audience laughing, but – like all good satire – thinking as well. - Voice of America

  • "This high-energy production is graced with a multi-talented, sophisticated humor and hilarious and audacious storytelling. Penedo and Pailet use comedy to remind us of a tragedy, and they do it brilliantly. Go see Baghdaddy It is totally unique." - Electronic Link Journey

  • Baghdaddy is exceptionally executed intellectual comedy. - Broadway World

  • This is an ensemble effort and all eight members of the cast are excellent. There are laughs aplenty, but the humor is black. How could it be otherwise? - Theater Pizazz

  • Pailet and Penedo are wise to make the show a comedy, light and direct throughout, as the tragedy is too fresh and too foolish to be palatable in any other way. -

  • A great musical that is interesting, informative, and above all, fun. The songs are great, the acting phenomenal, and the jokes, most importantly, landed without any trouble. - The Knockturnal

  • Expertly crafted with strong storytelling and characters each with a sense of redemption. Baghdaddy is a fascinating story with a strong ensemble that is accessible and engaging. Baghdaddy is a musical comedy, yes comedy, that brings new light to America's darkest times. - Theater in the Now

  • War, apparently, is a laughing matter. Baghdaddy is a quirky musical that's surprisingly entertaining. The songs makes you laugh as well as think. You'll leave the theater smiling, and perhaps a bit angry, but you don't have to be a Democrat to love this show. - Asbury Park Press

  • If you wanna understand the final takeover of make believe over reality, you need to go see Baghdaddy. It provides a reminder of what happens when your government wants to imbibe fantasy and fanaticism over empiricism and reason-- while forcing you to laugh your arse off. - Crooks and Liars